Get up and running with the Pharma platform that delivers

PatientMetRx® is a powerful SaaS platform, but it’s also a super-simple, way to give your marketing teams a new superpower

“To plan my marketing spend, I need to see the bigger picture, not columns of numbers”

PatientMetRx® allows you to build plans based on actionable insights creating comparison benchmarks against your competitors

The features that deliver ROI and value to your teams

Truly competitive companies think less about tech and more about results

A single, simple SAAS dashboard for all your brands (and the competition’s!)

Simply login to your PatientMetRx® portal and you can see your daily Patient Confidence Score, track specific brands and track results over days, weeks, months or years, all in a single virtual space. Get a complete picture of your business every morning before your first coffee has even cooled.

Our smart AI only measures the data that matters (and ignores everything else)

You can be sure your PatientMetRx® platform is only using the data that is relevant to your brands and their market because the smart machine learning filters out the ‘noise’ of busy social media channels — and with our data analyst team always on hand, we can help you make sense of your metrics.

Reports that help you have smart ideas for your meeting (actually in the meeting)

With powerful filter tools that help you really zero in on key aspects of your business, you can build complete pictures of your Patient Voice at macro and micro levels. With the patient at the heart of your strategy, your marketing meets just got a hell of a lot smarter.

Yes, no, maybe… I don’t know…
(can you repeat the question)

Getting a bunch of numbers is one thing, but if you are just counting likes and dislikes — is that data really any use to your business in terms of driving value and results? PatientMetRx® produces simple, clear benchmarks giving you true KPIs that can unlock your competitive advantage.

Still got questions?

Develop insights, focus strategy, learn more about your patients,
there’s a lot the PatientMetRx® platform can help your business with

Want to give your marketing teams a new superpower?

To discover how you can make sense of your metrics, make smarter data-driven decisions and finally put your Patient Voice at the heart of your thinking simply book a demo with one of our team today.