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Artificial Intelligence ("AI") is a buzzword, but isn’t it complicated to be practical?
Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) really is feeding sets of information into a machine so it can learn to identify patterns and output data that users can utilise to predict and plan more easily.

The PatientMetRx® platform:

(1) listens to what Patients say about a brand

(2) use AI to provide aggregated insights through the Patient Confidence Score

It is complicated, but not to use. PatientMetRx® creates practical, intelligent insights in easy to use graphs. That is it.

Data privacy is a big deal, how can I be sure this data is safe and meets key compliance guidelines?

All data insights and trends are non-personally identifiable and show aggregated patterns of patient behaviour.

The PatientMetRx® platform does not transfer any personal identifiable data to its customers. The curation, organization and integration of data (collected from multiple sources) is completed by suitably qualified and trained personnel, who follow strict proprietary guidelines. All data must pass robust quality control processes to ensure that the data is real, has been aggregated legally, and passes US, EU and UK standards in data processing, data security, transference, and consent. If you want more information take a look here.

Can our teams really trust PatientMetRx® and use it to make key decisions?

All PatientMetRx® data goes through a rigorous process of data quality checks. Find out more about our Compliance and Data Quality here.

You can trust this data to understand and track patient confidence across both your brands and your competitors with true KPI markers, it will soon become an essential part of your teams’ strategic planning.

If your campaigns are struggling for cut-through, PatientMetRx® could well have the answer.

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