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PatientMetRx® can help with that.

Any Questions…

What if people are only sharing negative opinions?

We see themes that emerge by medicine; even if at the lower end of the Patient Confidence Score, you can still use PatientMetRx® to understand fluctuations. In turn, you will further understand how your patient engagement work is impacting the PatientMetRx® score.

Do people post on medicines?

There is a perception that people do not talk about medicines online. However, we have seen through the pandemic that people are increasingly turning to online communities to understand their conditions and the medicines they are using for treatment.

As we live more of our lives online, patients seek information and support from peers across multiple online platforms. With PatientMetRx® ability to listen at scale, it captures these voices so you can put the Patient Voice at the heart of your decision making.

Will the data captured be confusing and ‘noisy’?

The benefit of PatientMetRx® is it’s ability to take unstructured data and distill it into a simple, easy to use Patient Confidence Score.

What if we already have a social listening solution?

Talking Medicines is the world’s first social intelligence company for the Pharmaceutical industry, by medicine. 

PatientMetRx® is created by a team that has huge experience in Pharma marketing, the brands and the customers. This is a true “Master-of-one solution”, that delivers results focused on the Pharma industry.

We are such a heavily regulated industry how do we avoid an “Adverse Event" minefield?

Unidentifiable patient data is collected from social media at scale. There are no Adverse Events from the PatientMetRx® data insights service.

If you want to discuss any further concerns please contact us.

Can our teams really trust PatientMetRx® and use it to make key decisions?

All PatientMetRx® data goes through a rigorous process of data quality checks. Find out more about our Compliance and Data Quality here.

You can trust this data to understand and track patient confidence across both your brands and your competitors with true KPI markers, it will soon become an essential part of your teams’ strategic planning.

There is nothing else like it out there, why would I use it if no one else is?

Why would you NOT use it?

Patients are talking online more than ever. Can you say that you currently identify, collate and quantify what patients are saying about you and your brands?

PatientMetRx® provides invaluable insights that help to truly understand the complete patient experience — that understanding will lead to better marketing, increased ROI and most importantly, better patient outcomes.

What big names in Pharma are working with you?

We are in advanced negotiations with several top 10 companies in the Pharma industry as well as leading marketing agencies and Pharma service companies.

As early adopters, they want to get a head start with PatientMetRx® competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence ("AI") is a buzzword, but isn’t it complicated to be practical?

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) really is feeding sets of information into a machine so it can learn to identify patterns and output data that users can utilise to predict and plan more easily.

The PatientMetRx® platform:

(1) listens to what Patients say about a brand

(2) use AI to provide aggregated insights through the Patient Confidence Score

It is complicated, but not to use. PatientMetRx® creates practical, intelligent insights in easy to use graphs. That is it.

Can it only work with mass-marketed products?

We understand that rarer conditions or specialised treatments will not have the same social media or online presences as more common brands; but PatientMetRx® is a platform which seeks to find all Patient Voices, even those that are ‘hard to reach’. Our analysis can work with any brand to make sure these crucial voices are still captured whatever the scale.

Data privacy is a big deal, how can I be sure this data is safe and meets key compliance guidelines?

All data insights and trends are non-personally identifiable and show aggregated patterns of patient behaviour.

The PatientMetRx® platform does not transfer any personal identifiable data to its customers. The curation, organization and
integration of data (collected from multiple sources) is completed by suitably qualified and trained personnel, who follow strict
proprietary guidelines. All data must pass robust quality control processes to ensure that the data is real, has been aggregated
legally, and passes US, EU and UK standards in data processing, data security, transference, and consent. If you want more information take a look here.

How will I know I am getting ROI?

You will know you are achieving ROI when you can see the real-time effects of your marketing plans, benchmark a daily Patient Confidence Score and track how you perform against competitors.

You will soon become more confident that every dollar of your marketing spend is becoming more effective.

How will PatientMetRx® help our marketing teams?

There are a number of ways in which using social intelligence can be invaluable.

  1. Listening directly to the voice of patients demonstrates that you are truly ‘patient-centric’.
  2. The Patient Confidence Score (PCS) gives you a trackable, actionable KPI insight that can be used in your marketing planning.
  3. You can benchmark your medicines against those of your competitors, to help you make data-driven decisions for commercial success.
  4. The PCS helps identify if your marketing spend is providing the maximum return on investment
  5. The PCS helps you understand patients experience throughout every part of a product’s life-cycle from launch to review.
Can I export my data to compare against other metrics?

Yes, you can extract the Patient Confidence Score data. This will allow you to compare against commercial metrics such as sales, ad spend or brand planning timelines in order to monitor the interaction of these entities with the Patient Confidence Score.

What will the future of PatientMetRx® look like?

Our Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning (“ML”) models will only get smarter, as every day provides new data and insights into the Pharma industry.

What PatientMetRx® packages do you offer?

We have two subscription plans.

(1) The first is ‘Brand’ which allows you to track two medicines Patient Confidence Scores for $7,000/month.

(2) The second plan is ‘Portfolio’ which allows your teams to Track ten medicines’ intelligent insights for $21,000/month.

If your campaigns are struggling for cut-through, PatientMetRx® could well have the answer.

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