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Why PatientMetRx®

Take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence brain gain

AI in the movies is weird and scary, but in real life, it’s the super smart tool making processes simpler, decisions smarter and ROI greater.
What’s not to like?

AI once was seen as the future, but its time is now.

Competitive companies are using machine learning and smart algorithms to crunch down their data into metrics and measures that are truly valuable in their business plans. With PatientMetRx®, Pharma marketeers can truly unleash the power of computing, gaining a true commercial advantage over those still clicking their calculators.

CUTTING big data down to size

Quite rightly companies are digging ever deeper into their social media and online mentions to try and understand what people really think about their brands, products and services. It’s the smart way to analyse what people are saying (if you think back on old school methods, were those people in all those focus groups really telling you the truth, or were they just there for the free snacks?)

So thats great. But that all creates data. A lot of data. And if you’re busy (and we bet you are), do you really have time to sit and crunch all those numbers? And what exactly are you looking for anyway?

That’s why you need a smart partner on hand to help. One that’s a whiz with numbers, works lightning fast, knows exactly what they’re looking for and super quickly can identify trends, patterns and insights — oh and even better, can turn all that knowledge into the useful, helpful reports that can be the cornerstone of all your future marketing planning.

That partner is PatientMetRx®.

AI can be a powerful partner, if you use it right
“Wouldn’t it be great to have a team member who never sleeps, sifts through your social media traffic, does all the marketing data reports and never says it’s your turn to get the coffees?””
Remove the routine from workflows

Without a helping hand, you might manually have to sift through all the social media and online channels your brands get mentioned on, which would not only be a real time-drain and will prevent you from the actual ‘doing’ part of your job, planning marketing strategies, allocating budgets and taking on the competition.

PatientMetRx® smart learns and filters all that data, zeros in on the Patient Voice and turns it into KPIs for your brands that are true, intelligent, value-creating insights into the market.

Quality, not quantity

With our machine learning constantly tracking and refining the way it listens to your Patient Voice, you can be confident you’re getting true insights that reflect how your brand is perceived — now — and will help you identity and predict patterns in your patient sentiment in the future.

So, with PatientMetRx® as your Pharma market partner, you can lean on it to filter and focus the results you generate — and with its proprietary MedicinePersona® technology, you can drill down into results that reflect factors like patient’s gender, employment, treatment type and show those sentiments grouped by time, location or age range.

That’s a pretty powerful marketing sales tool — and you don’t have to be the one doing all that number-crunching, it’s just a couple of mouse clicks to make all that data make sense.



Safety First

Whilst the PatientMetRx® algorithm is sifting actual patient sentiments every second, it also removes any invasive identifiers at source, meaning all data created is personal, but not personalised. Crucial in meeting all compliances for the information you generate.

Every day, and in every way, it’s getting better and better?

The PatientMetRx algorithm is clever already, but what makes it really clever is that it learns with every byte of data it analyses. Which means it’s thousands of bytes smarter every second. So every day your data is even more accurate, focused and valuable than it was yesterday.

What does it actually look at?

The PatientMetRx AI is currently looking at around 130,000 medicines across the UK and US, which forms its core database. But, since we wrote this, it’s now looking at a whole lot more.

Who else is doing what PatientMetRx does?

In a word. No-one. (OK two words) Sure you can watch and listen to a brand’s social media mentions with other tools, but PatientMetRx is the only platform that is built, run and refined by people with extensive experience in the Pharma industry — and it doesn’t look, listen or learn in anything else.

That all sounds very complicated, is it?

Well, THAT bit is complicated, but you don’t need to worry about it, all the smart stuff happens ‘under-the-hood’. Really the super clever bit is you can leverage all of that incredible AI power with just a couple of mouse clicks. Job done.

So i should just surrender to our new robot overlords?

Whilst PatientMetRx® uses super smart computing power to generate results, our data analysis team are all real, living breathing human beings, with a ton of experience in the industry — and they are always on call to help you make sure you are getting the maximum insight and actionable intelligence from your data.

Powerful tools help you track not only patient confidence in yours and the your competitor brands, but also the personas of the people creating those sentiments
“Really the super-clever bit is you can leverage all of that incredible AI power with just a couple of mouse clicks. Job done”

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