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Why PatientMetRx®

Solving the Patient Voice puzzle with PatientMetRx®

Your social media data can seem noisy and confusing without a way to focus in on what truly matters to your brand and business.
That’s where PatientMetRx® comes in

You might have noticed a fresh new look on the our website. The reason (other than who doesn’t like a makeover?), is that we are working harder than ever, helping our clients get true value from the Patient Voice with PatientMetRx®.

New ideas for Pharma’s future

There’s ever increasing numbers of conversations online about everything we do in our lives — and that includes the medicines we’re taking, and the treaments we’re undergoing. An insight into all that would be invaluable to Pharma marketers who want to know what people really think about their brands.

Does that mean counting up likes, dislikes, scouring Reddit and Facebook? Who has time to do that? But if you don’t, how will you know your market spend is making a maximum ROI?

Quite the puzzle, but now with PatientMetRx®, you can solve it.

The Magic of Metrics

When you truly plug into the Patient Voice, you can begin to understand the way your patients interact with your medicines, and also how they feel about the treatment they are receiving.

The PatientMetRx® tool helps collate social and online mentions of your brands and displays them as simple metric benchmarks – which you can further filter by brand, time and channel.

You can also track these results against different persona types giving even more detail into these opinions and who is saying them — and most importantly when looking to gain competetive advantages in your markets, compare them against patient sentiments about similar brands in your field.

“Does that mean counting up likes, dislikes, scouring Reddit and Facebook? Who has time to do that?”
Delivering true ROI and value to your brands’ marketeers

So you’ve finally found a way to cut through the noise of all that digital data out there and discover what people truly think about your brands. Now what?

Now your marketing teams can truly plan and strategise and see how every dollar of spend is effecting the way patients feel about your brands and treatments.

Ultimately? More information, less guesswork.

For years Pharma have been promising a high-value, data-driven, patient-first use of technology in their business strategies — but didn’t have the tools to make that a reality.

Now with PatientMetRx®, Pharma brand marketeers finally have the simple, single SaaS platform that can help them to deliver on that promise.




Are you serious about being patient-centric?

A lot of brands say they put the patient first, but without a way to represent their voice in their marketing tools, that’s impossible. Now you have the tool to put Patient Voice front and centre in your decision making.

Do you want A competitive advantage against the competition?

PatientMetRx® is a new to market tool that is jump-starting the use of online conversations to Pharma marketers, so it stands to reason early adopters will get significant advantages from its intelligent insights over those companies still relying on traditional social media listening techniques.

Would benchmarks give your brand true kpis?

Every day, PatientMetRx® generates a Patient Confidence Score in both your brand and the competition. Finally Pharma marketing teams have a true KPI that reflects what patients truly think about their products, and compares it to how they feel about the competition.

Do you want proof of roi in your marketing?

Billions are wasted every year by Pharma marketing teams because they don’t know if their marketing spends are actually effective. With PatientMetRx® you can track your marketing strategies’ effects on Patient Confidence in real-time.

Are you still getting the same results?

If you’ve tried every marketing trick in your armoury and you’re still not moving the needle in your marketing ROI or seeing true upticks in value from your marketing spend — perhaps you need to try something new? PatientMetRx® can be the game changer that gives your brand the boost in the market you’ve been looking for.


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