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Why PatientMetRx®

Are you a PatientMetRx® kind of company?

Competitive companies know that standing out can be scary, but it can lead to real commercial and clinical success.
But to change your game, you’re going to need a game-changer.
Pioneering spirit: thinking different can really pay dividends

When every other industry places huge emphasis on metrics, KPIs and revenue — Pharma social media and online data can often seem immune to providing valuable, actionable results. If you want to stay competitive in a busy, busy marketplace, here’s one business acronym actually worth remembering — the PCS-KPI.

What exactly is the ‘Patient Confidence Score’ and why is it a true KPI for Pharma Marketeers?

In our other blogs you’ve probably seen us talking about how clever the AI science behind this exciting this new SaaS platform is; or about how the Patient Voice is key to creating true ROI and value in your business; but maybe this blog asks (and hopefully answers) the key question on your mind;

“That all sounds great and everything, but what does it actually do that will help our marketing teams get measurable commercial results?”

OK. In a nutshell, with the PatientMetRx® platform, each day, you get an automatically generated Patient Confidence Score for your brands and those of your competitors. With this, you can identify, track and predict what your patients genuinely think about your medicines and treatments.

Key word. Automatically.

You don’t need to do any of that analysis yourself. So you don’t need to read sheets of charts, cross out irrelevant data, interpret, collate and compare and create reports.

That’s all done for you. Automatically

And, the Patient Confidence Score is a proven, benchmark number, created by your patients, across social media, forums, devices, blogs and reviews — and as soon as you subscribe, your Patient Confidence Scores build up to show patterns and trends among patients.

AI can be a powerful partner, if you use it right

When you have a true KPI, out goes guesswork and in comes focused planning on your marketing strategies that can deliver true value to your business.

Pharma marketeers are struggling with the new realties of the pandemic, where HCP and patient contact is reduced, making it harder to hear the Patient Voice — and online traffic seems too huge and monolithic to be truly insightful and valuable.

The PCS-KPI finally delivers measurable, actionable insights to marketing teams — and we’re already seeing early adopters are getting results that will help them deliver value to their businesses, not just now — but well into the future.



Simply sign up online, or with one of our dedicated teams, select the medicines you want to track, take a quick tour. Hit enter. Ummm…you know what…that’s it.

Congratulations you are now a Pharma data mining whiz with a wealth of key commercial information at their fingertips, who truly listens to and actions the Patient Voice with every decision.

Nice work!

A really powerful tool, but one that’s simple, intuitive and starts creating key insights and actionable data as soon as you sign up. KPI, ROI, you need never worry about a TLA again.



Make every dime count

Every change in budget spend you make will immediately be reflected in your Patient Confidence Score, now you have real proof of what works and what strikes out in your budget spend.

Know now, not next week (or quarter!)

Social media mentions happen billions of times every second, and PatientMetRx can find the ones that are reflecting sentiment about your relevant brands and show you whats’s happening in the market in real-time. No more waiting for HSP reports or patient forms.

Keep an eye on the competition

PatientMetRx AI doesn’t just listen in to your brand mentions, it can also track your competitors. Did that new campaign boost their sales? What negative sentiments are they attracting? Good to know.

Truth to power

Even though it collects sentiments like ‘anxious’ or ‘delighted’ the PatientMetRx platform itself is all about the facts, so you know you are getting a fully accurate overview of your brands. Unfiltered facts help fuel the best decisions.

Now you can listen to, not just watch how your brand performs?

Graphs. Graphs. Graphs. So what? PatientMetRx has the tools to zero in on your data and a high macro level. Why was there a big dip in Patient Confidence? Why was there such a positive response to our new brand launch?
With intelligent insights, you get answers to key commercial questions, not lists of numbers.

The PatientMetRx® Patient Confidence Score, a true benchmark KPI that builds into a complete brand picture

Simply sign up, tell PatientMetRx® what medicines you want to track and you can be creating key
KPI data for your brands before your second coffee of the day

82%* of Pharma marketing teams say they will put the patient voice at the heart of their future decision making

(*we can tell you right now, the number who actually have a digital ROADMAP in place to ACHIEVE that is a lot less 😉 )

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