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How AI is helping marketing agencies discover a new super-power

Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzz-word, it really is everywhere around us, processing seemingly limitless data in seconds not months. That could probably be really useful, if only you knew how to use it.

Marketing, like advertising is considered to be a creative process, great campaigns stick in the mind, inspire brand loyalty and get meme’d around the world across social media in minutes. But how do great campaigns come about? They seem effortless, on-point and just seem to ‘pop’ into existence, but while luck has its place — even the snappiest, off-the-cuff campaign can be based on hundreds of man hours of painstaking research.

And time, as ever, costs money.


The pandemic forced agencies to rethink how they do things. Traditional methods of gathering information and opinion, the focus group, the interview — even the team meeting all went out the window. In place of personal interaction, data, which had been accelerating its role in developing campaigns, suddenly became the key cornerstone of almost every decision.

Don’t get us wrong. Data is invaluable. Data is great. WE LOVE DATA!

…And you should too. But? Well be honest, during your 213th Zoom call about patient engagement trends (with charts and everything) did you turn off your camera, roll your eyes and think “That’s all very well, but who are these people — and what do they really THINK about it all? (And why am I still in my pajamas at 5pm?)”

In the end, “5378 people said something about our brand” isn’t an insight into what they think. It doesn’t reveal anything about their experience, it doesn’t tell you something meaningful about their relationship to the brand or show how these audiences genuinely relate to each other beyond convenient labels.

In the end, that’s not useful, that’s just counting.

“In the end, ‘5378 people said something about our brand’ isn’t much of an insight”

AI is the voodoo you can’t do

The human brain is an incredible thing, your teams probably are full of them, but here’s the thing, are you using all those beautiful brains efficiently? If you are dumping tons of paper charts on their desks and saying “What does this mean?”, probably not. (OK you are probably emailing them Excel sheets, but that’s nowhere near such an effective image).

And after grinding through all that for days? You get a PowerPoint slide titled “234 more people mentioned our brand than our rival.” Some insight.

Now that’s a problem in all marketing, but in healthcare it’s even more acute. More regulation, more data protection, more stakeholders, more brands, more variety in demographics, more trials, more everything.

Is it any wonder the people you need to reach, the patients, are struggling to be heard in that mix?

This is where AI really, really delivers on its promise of intelligent analysis at lighting speed — providing useful, actually actionable insights — not just ‘sifted/sorted’ information.

Best of all, it’s not up to you to try and work out what the data is telling you, avoiding the frustration of having to work out the questions that will give you the answers you need.

AI can look at those millions of mentions about brands, then: tell you key opinions (good or bad), identify trends, spot patterns, predict adverse events, identify groups within demographics, and return a genuine, actionable, verified confidence KPI about any selected brand you track — and it’s done all that in the time it took you to read that description of it doing it.

With AI, suddenly all the time consuming, what-a-drag,  pain-in-the-butt, hundreds of non-billable hour work has just vanished off your desk (again, probably your hard drive, but, again, that’s still hard to visualize and be as dramatic).

That means your super-smart teams can now spend their time thinking of creative ways to capture imagination, make an impact and speak directly to the most important person in all this, the patient.

That also means your pitches come together faster, have more insight and have a creative and competitive edge, and one that’s based in the real lived-experience of the people you are trying to reach.

PatientMetRx® — AI Accelerated marketing for your agency

Sound good? It probably does. And it probably makes your existing social listening tool seem a bit clunky and time consuming — and if you don’t really believe in the tool, how can you really believe in the results it produces?

It also probably conjures up horrifying images of expensive R&D and development time and rooms of coders appearing in your offices with their loud shirts, tinny headphones and Monster drinks — and in 18 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, you might have a prototype AI tool for your business.

Or maybe not. AI analysis at scale and speed? Natural Language intuition? Honing in on the patient voice? True KPIs? Super fast reporting? And only focused on, and made especially for, Pharma? That’s what the SaaS PatientMetRx® does. That’s all it does.

AI is truly a super-power when your agency pitches to Pharma, you don’t need to save the World, just win the business.

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