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Podmetrx podcast with andreas dam and claire english

PodMetRx:Making The Patient Voice Matter Podcast Explores the Patient’s Role in Achieving Positive Outcomes

February 8, 2022

PodMetRx, Making The Patient Voice Matter Podcast Explores the Patient’s Role in Achieving Positive Outcomes.

PodMetRx has welcomed a special guest Andreas Dam, CEO of Daman, to hear his thoughts on the rapidly evolving digital healthcare landscape.

Sponsored by PatientMetrx®, the only data insight service that provides patient confidence scores by medicine, the Making the Patient Voice Matter podcast is hosted by veteran BBC broadcaster Clare English. In this episode Clare and Andreas explore the vital role that digital technology plays in ensuring that patients are at the centre of medical decision making.

Andreas is a firm believer that patients should be at the centre of the decision-making process when it comes to their medication. He argues that ultimately, patient buy in to their own treatment course is essential in ensuring positive patient outcomes. However, he also understands that it can be hard for patients to share their true feelings as they can feel overwhelmed by the process. Andreas calls on medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical sector to adopt more digital solutions to counter the challenges with patient communication as a way of better hearing and understanding their feelings.

Andreas said: “We have to understand that sometimes we are dealing very strong healthcare professionals who have been educated for many years. And then, on the other hand, we have some patients that are maybe not in the best state of their life. So when we involve them, we have to do it very carefully. So, we need to make sure that we give them space to offer their opinions without fear of being overruled.”

For Andreas, patient outcomes are the most important piece in the puzzle. “How is your daily life as a patient? What is your quality of life? What is your ability to have a normal job, to raise a family? It’s this kind of data that is really, really important.” He says. “And that’s where these near patient technologies can help out to collect this data on an ongoing basis. So that’s a key reason why pharma is also interested in these digital health technologies.”

Jo Halliday, CEO of Talking Medicines, the parent company of PatientMetRx® which sponsors the podcast said: “The role of the patient is beginning to evolve and globally it is becoming increasingly common for them to be active participants in their treatment plan. The ability for patients to provide feedback to medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies in a constructive manner has been shown to greatly improve outcomes for patients. Digital healthcare technologies are breaking down the barriers between patient and industry and ultimately creating better outcomes for patients.”

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A transcript of the podcast is available on request.

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