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We Know Patients, We Know Medicine

We aren't just pioneers in creating a cutting edge AI platform but our knowledge and understanding of the industry started with the patient first.
August 26, 2021

Here at Talking Medicines we aren’t just pioneers in creating a cutting edge artificial intelligence platform but our knowledge and understanding of the industry started with the patient first.

It all started by connecting patients to their medicines with…

The Medsmart Mission

We wanted to support people in taking their medicines through the free Medsmart® App. Why? because over 50% of prescribed medicines don’t get taken. We want to help people remember to take them. By joining us we can understand how people take their medicines at home to help tailor support to them. We interact with healthcare providers, using data patterns to form a better picture of how medicines are actually taken when they leave the pharmacy. 

Data For Good

We believe that the data that we collect about how people use their medicines can be used for good. More specifically, it can contribute to the wider ideal of making medicines more effective. It is important to us that those in the healthcare system listen to how people like you use your medicines in the real world. With this in mind, we act as that channel between the patient and the wider healthcare system.

It is important to us that you understand what data is collected from the Medsmart® community.  The Talking Medicines data services, that structure data from our patient data collection tools that include the Medsmart® App and Surveys, uses no personal, identifiable information. The App collects data from individuals and subsequently encrypts and aggregates this data. 

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Alexis’ Story


Talking Medicines then found a gap… our expertise in the Medsmart® project mean’t that we learn’t from the process and identified that patients need more support. In order for them to receive more support the professionals who create their medicines need to be able to understand their patients better… as a result, we gave them the patient voice.

We now connect Pharmaceutical companies to the Patients who take their medicines so that they can understand the patient voice.

Not only do we have an understanding about patients and their needs but we also understand the cause and affects of their medicines and how these impact the patient journey. This is provided to Pharma through our PatientMetRx® dashboard and displayed as The Patient Confidence Score. 

PMX IMage of PCS-1

What is the Patient Confidence Score?

We believe in using clever machines to safely decode what patients are saying from billions of social posts mapped to regulated medicine brands into actionable insights. From this, for the first time, you can measure patient confidence and achieve marketing excellence.

1. Signal Sourcing – Broad sourcing from social platforms including Reddit, Twitter, message boards & forums.

2. Interpreting the Voice – AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing of signals identify Patient Voice and match it to regulated medicines.

3. Creating the Results – Mathematical modelling calculates Patient Confidence by analysing brand awareness and the context for medicine. Patient Confidence Score is tracked by day.

4. Putting it All Together – PatientMetRx® online dashboard allows subscribed users to access their insights.

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