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Why is it important for Marketeers to understand subcultures, beliefs & values?

It is important that marketeers use trend insights to understand the people they serve and to connect meaningfully in the future.
July 22, 2021


A Subculture is a group of people who share a set of secondary values, such as environmentalists. Many factors can place an individual in one or several subcultures. People of a subculture are part of a larger culture but also share a specific identity within a smaller group. 

Thousands of subcultures exist within Canada and the United States. Ethnic and racial groups share the language, food, and customs of their heritage. Other subcultures are united by shared experiences. Biker culture revolves around a dedication to motorcycles. Some subcultures are formed by members who possess traits or preferences that differ from the majority of a society’s population.

American Subcultures From the 1900’s

Diagram of Western/American subcultures in 20th century.


Secondary Values & Core Beliefs

The cultural environment is made up of institutions and other forces that affect A society’s basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. Beliefs and values are shaped by a particular society in which people are grown up. Core beliefs and values are passed on from parents to children and are reinforced by schools, religious institutions, business, and government. Secondary beliefs and values are more open to change. Believing in marriage is a core belief; believing that people should get married in early life is secondary belief.

Shifts in Secondary Cultural Values: Although core values are fairly persistent, cultural shifts do take place, but much more slowly. Marketers track such values on a regular basis to explore opportunities. The major cultural values of a society are expressed in people’s views of themselves and others, as well as in their view of organizations, society, nature and universe.

Why Is this Important?

Secondary values are important to understand because these help to create the many subculture’s in society. This helps us identify people who have similar values who hold a different set of wants and needs than another subculture. These subcultures help to generate new trends, therefore It is important that marketeers use trend insights to understand the people they serve and to connect meaningfully in the future.

Therefore, for Marketers shifts in secondary values creates future opportunities.


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