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Q&A: What is The Patient Confidence Score?

The Patient Confidence Score is the launch feature of PatientMetRx, our new AI driven data service.
February 18, 2021

PatientMetRx capture the voice of the patient by medicine through collecting social signals from patients at scale from social media, connected devices, blogs, forums and reviews. The fragmented patient voice is filtered and decoded using AI, ML and NLP technology and matched to regulatory grade medicine information. Patient experience is benchmarked through the Patient Confidence Score to drive the efficiency of marketing spend and share growth by medicine or therapy area.  Data is accessed via subscription for instant real time usage.

How is Patient Feedback Used to Create the Patient Confidence Score?

Patient feedback is collected, matched and normalised against regulated medicine names.  

 The Patient Confidence Score is a measure that is calculated daily for each medicine based on an algorithm combining 3 measures: 

  • Velocity of mentions,  
  • Sentiment  
  • And context by medicine brand 

 It represents a single score for patients’ confidence in a medicine as-of a specific day. 

How is the Score Calculated?

The score is automatically calculated by averaging patient confidence over the previous 30 days. It is shown as a  trending line graph over a  selected time range from 2015 to date and can be viewed alongside the trends for competitor brands.  

What Does The Patient Confidence Score Look Like?

Patient Confidence Scores are divided into: 

  • High 
  • Medium 
  • And Low  

This is indicated through traffic light colours around the score.  Attention can be given by clients to this diagnosis in evaluating the marketing activity needed to influence the patient voice. 


To find out more information on the Patient Confidence Score (PCS) please follow the link below to request a demo:


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