The only platform that helps you
truly understand the Patient Voice

Don’t Watch, Listen

Start using intelligent insights into your medicines to make truly data-driven decisions.

The patient voice platform

Discover the SaaS platform that is helping pharma marketing teams use true intelligence and insights into their data, putting the Patient Voice at the heart of their planning and strategy.

“I want to spend less time number crunching and more time planning actual marketing strategies”
“If we’re really listening to our patients, why can’t we understand what they are saying?”
“The big board meeting is coming up, I want to show how our team is really going to have the edge over the competition”

“Patient Voice, Patient Voice, Patient Voice…
…we keep saying it, when are we going
to do something about it?”

There’s a lot to learn
about your patient data

PatientMetRx® is the insights platform designed for Pharma to listen to anonymised patient experience from social platforms at scale and by medicine.

Source the signals that count

Intelligently scan the social platforms that matter to your business including Reddit, messaging boards and forums

Listen to the patient voice

AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing identifies Patient Voices and matches them to your medicines

Get results that really matter

Track patient confidence daily – discover trending feelings and symptoms that your patients are experiencing

Multiple measurements,
Single space

Your online dashboard means every insight and data source is gathered into a single customisable interface

Get the KPI for your marketing teams that delivers ROI in hours, not months

You can purchase and activate a PatientMetRx® Plan and start tracking your Patient Voice right now



Brand allows your teams to Track TWO medicines’ intelligent insights


billed monthly



Portfolio allows your teams to Track TEN medicines’ intelligent insights


billed monthly

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Want to start listening to your patient voice?

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Why Culture Matters.

Why Culture Matters.

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