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…and the
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Putting the Patient Voice first, can put you first too

Develop insights, focus strategy, learn more about brands, get the patient word on the street — then collate and curate that information at the press of a button — getting your pitches in front of the big cheeses quicker, smarter and on-point…

…there’s a lot the PatientMetRx® platform can help your business with

It. Just. Does. Pharma

PatientMetRx® is the ONLY tool that is 100% focussed on delivering actionable insights about pharma brands — meaning any other social intelligence tool is a compromise when it comes to collecting and curating important industry market information. That’s just a fact.

It smart-sorts data, into something useful

AI and machine learning aren’t just buzzwords, they are the driving force behind a tool that can listen to thousand upon thousands of brand mentions and filter and organise them into actionable insights at the touch of a button.
By itself. All day. Every day.

It helps you get
things done. fast

PatientMetRx® takes away time-consuming tasks in collecting and analysing data, so you and your teams have more time to create campaigns based on relevant up-to-the minute information AND get them in front of potential customers — all while your competitors are still poring over spreadsheets.

gives patients,
not the crowd a say

Patient frustration is damaging to a brand and reputations can take minutes to lose and years to reclaim. PatientMetRx® helps you identify sentiment and patient confidence in real time, helping you ensure brands avoid adverse events and keep the most important people, the patient, at the heart of every decision.

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